Villas and Bungalows to Rent

Rice terraces are an engineering masterpiece born out of the need for farmers to cultivate steep hillsides to feed growing families. The terraces form an intricate web of water reservoirs allowing water diverted from the many rivers and streams to circulate and bring life to many extra fields of rice. A necessity for the Balinese resulting in a beautiful scene for us.

Villa Om Cantik

A one bedroom detached private villa directly overlooking the rice terrace with Mount Bedugul in the distance. Outside, there is a large open veranda with individual sliding glass doors leading to the double bedroom and a separate living area. The large double bedroom offers a four poster king-size bed. The self-catering kitchen has a gas fired hob and cooking equipment. The living area also opens out onto the terrace and has a daybed and colour TV/dvd. The feature bathroom is open air with its own garden surrounded by hand carved stone walls to afford privacy.

A luxury private villa with a spectacular view.
Available to rent for a night or a year at US$40/night. Ask about special rates forlonger periods.

Villa Jalan Jalan

A two double bedroom detached villa with views over both the rice terrace and the trees lining the start of the river valley. The large open veranda offers separate sliding glass door entrances to the two double bedrooms furnished with king size four poster beds. The large kitchen has a double gas fired hob, cooking equipment as well as a refrigerator. The feature open bathroom has a mosaic floor; hand carved stone walls and is extensively planted with ferns as well as many other tropical plants. It is a delight to have a hot water shower gazing at the greenery and carvings in the bathroom.A two double bedroom private villa with views of the rice terrace, adjacent to the coconut trees lining the start of the river valley.

Available to rent for a night or a year at US$50/night. 
Ask about special rates for longer periods.

The Bungalow

The Bungalow is tucked away off the village road behind the Karsa family house at the end of a private path. The views of the tropical tree covered hillsides lining the river valley below are simply stunning. The same views that customers of the Umah Hotel and Phita Maha Resort pay hundreds of dollars a night to enjoy. The villa is completely private, offering the ideal space to escape.   It offers a large veranda, double bedroom, open bathroom and kitchen.A private bungalow with stunning views.

Available to rent for a night or a year at US$20/night. 
Ask about special rates for longer periods.