Bali delights all the senses and walking in Bali gives you the time to fully appreciate what many call paradise on earth. The easy 30 minute walk from the centre of Ubud will take you into the hills and a different world. On the way you will smell the jasmine incense burnt by the craft shops in their daily offering to the Gods. You can touch the intricate stone carvings of the Temple by the river, see the luscious green of the tree-covered hillsides, hear the birdsong and taste the fresh avocado juice as you gaze at the picture perfect rice terrace from Karsa Kafe.

The full circular walk is 9 kms, offering glimpses of traditional Balinese village life, temples and rice fields, well off the normal tourist trail. By far the most beautiful part of the easy trek is the 3 kms from the centre of town to Bangkiang Sidem along the Champuan Ridge. Then you can return the same way, continue to explore or arrange transport back from Karsa Kafe.

To start from Ubud, simply walk for 10 minutes along the main street away from the market, past the Palace and go into the entrance of the Ibah Resort. Bear to the left to walk down the path leading to the Champuan River gorge and ancient Temple, using the lower bridge to cross the river. Keeping the Temple to your left and river to your right simply follow the path as it leads out of the trees and upwards along the Champuan Ridge, leading directly to the village of Bangkiang Sidem. Along the way the view gets better with every step as you rise above the river valleys running either side of the path.

Karsa Kafe, and the excellent view of the rice terrace, is about 500 meters along the road from the end of the Champuan Ridge walkway. The ideal spot to rest and have a cold drink and something to eat whilst admiring the rice terrace with the backdrop of Mount Bedugul.From here you can decide whether to continue the full circular walk the long way back to Ubud, return the way you came, or Karsa Kafe can arrange transport back to your hotel.

The full circular walk is about 9km and to continue all you need to do is turn left at the two junctions in the road, the first being at the end of the village of Bangkiang Sidem, a bit past the Temple and overlooking another rice terrace, and the second as you reach the main road in Payogan. This road runs straight back to the starting point of the walk in Ubud. On the main road you will pass some of the most expensive restaurants and resorts in the area, such as Indus, Umah Hotel, Phita Maha and Phita Maha.