Land Agents

Bangkiang Sidem, the traditional village home of Wayan Karsa, has recently enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity with both Balinese and tourists seeking to buy or lease land due to its traditional safe village atmosphere, stunning views of river gorges, steep wooded hillsides and rice terraces. All within a short distance of Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali, but available at much lower cost. The large unobtrusive villas built and occupied by German, American, French, Japanese and Australian ex-pats and frequent visitors sit alongside the simpler traditional homes of the villagers. Some rent out their homes when not in residence or have built smaller villas within the grounds to rent out.

Wayan Karsa was born and raised in Bangkiang Sidem. Acting as an intermediary between buyer and seller, he has helped a number of non-Balinese to buy or lease their land, using his knowledge about the suitability of the land, whether road access can be built, length of leases as well as land prices and the legal niceties. He has already acted for British and American ex-pats who have leased land.Wayan can help with determining:

While it is possible for a foreigner to purchase land outright it can only be done via a trust as the Balinese government seeks to ensure that the land will remain in the ultimate ownership of the people of Bali, at least in name.Far more common, and straightforward, is a long term lease of the land, thirty years being usual. The upfront cost is much less but at the end of the term the land and any buildings on it revert to the original owner, unless an extension can be negotiated.Having built the beautiful and well-made villas and bungalow found elsewhere on this website, Wayan is also able to either oversee the build on your behalf or indeed undertake it himself. He has experience of working with international clients and using local builders, knows well the local suppliers and build costs. Being an artist by training, he is also able to advise on building in a style suitable to the climate and surroundings.